High Ridge Flush day

COMPLETE – The annual Ricky Rd. area flush day will be Thursday July 23rd and Friday July 24th from 9am -12pm. We recomend shutting off your homes main valve to keep turbid flush water from entering your house. Please call the office with any questions.

Rolling Meadows water main break

The emergency water main break on Thomas St. at the intersection of Applehill Rd. is fixed. We have several fire hydrants throughout the Rolling Meadows and Elmendorf areas that are being allowed to run thru the day and into the night to help rid any turbid water left in those areas. Chlorine residuals where observed thru-out the affected areas after the leak was isolated, ensuring that the water is safe. If you experience any turbid water let it run to clear. Please feel free to call the office with any questions.


Bi-Annual Forest Park Flush Day

COMPLETE –  The Biannual Water Main flush day in Forest Park will be Tuesday May 19th between 9am and 2pm. We strongly recommend closing your homes main valve for the duration of that time. This will prevent any draw back from your house as well as keep turbid flush water out. Please feel free to call the office with any questions.

Kingston’s Febuary Water Main Break

The boil water advisory posted by Kingston’s water Dept. on 02/17/2015 effects only the “Town of Kingston”.  All City residences’ and Town of Ulster residences’ including the Hillside Acres area are not affected. However, the Kingston Water Dept. is asking all customers to please conserve water till the repair has been completed which may take up to five days.